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1. Başlık

Ship Design

Our design service covers all ship design phases summarized as follows;

Concept Design

This phase documentations are prepared as proposal, close corporation with owner to determine the requests.

     General Arrangement

     Lines plan, hydrostatic values

     Weight estimation

     Speed and power prediction

     Electric single line diagram and load balance

     Cost Estimation

     Outline Specification

Basic Design

This documentation is prepared world top class standart

'neither more, nor less details ' philosophy.

     Statutory drawings

     Structural drawings

     System drawings


     Outfitting drawings



Detail Design / Structure


     3D hull structure model

     Shell plate division, expansion, marking

     Plate and profil bending templates

     Plate and profile nesting, CNC code

     Assembly drawings

     Workshop drawings, part lists, reports



Detail Design / Systems

     3D system model (Pipe/HVAC/Cable, cableway/equipment)

     Spool production drawings

     Arrangement drawings for spool assembly

     BOM (Material list)

     Structure penetration drawings

Structural Finite Element Analysis

     Static Analysis 

     Fatigue Analysis 

     Frequency Analysis 

     Buckling Analysis 

     Oscillations Analysis 

     Thermal Analysis 

     Ship strength of a ship floating in calm water.



Ship Tender Study


Main purpose of the tender study is to prepare the required information to shipyards for tendering. In this study, proposal GA plan, lines plan, weight estimation, speed/power prediction, cost estimation, outline specification etc.


As a result, all shipyards starts the same basics, then owner receives the desired design and price.

Shipyard Contract Evaluation

In this period, we provide the owners technical assistance for evaluation of proposals, to participate in technical contract negotiations against the shipyards/designers/makers. Finally, we confirm the technical specifications and concept design documents.


Maker Evaluation/Selection 

We provide technical assistance and consultancy for maker evaluation and selection in behalf of owner.

Design Review 

Design documents (ie drawings, analysis, engineering calculations, weight control) are needing to control based on specifications, rules/regulations, maker requests and owner/shipyard recommendations. We provide all these controls between design parties and owners.


Shipyard Supervision

During the newbuilding/retrofit construction in shipyards, we provide supervision services for hull construction, outfitting, piping, HVAC, structure and reporting to the owner.