We are as Tecnor Marine Engineering Co., official reseller of SSI / ShipConstructor products for Turkey Region.
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ShipConstructor is a suite of AutoCAD based software products designed for engineering and construction in the shipbuilding  industry. ShipConstructor’s AutoCAD foundation provides a user environment that is a globally recognized CAD/CAM standard.  This results in an existing labor pool of expertise, a common DWG format for sharing information with other applications, and  a portfolio of complementary Autodesk products.
ShipConstructor’s use of COTS technologies such as AutoCAD and Microsoft SQL Server allows it to be integrated with other business processes and applications. This enables it to address the requirements of all clients and projects. The Associative DWG capability of ShipConstructor’s Marine Information Model provides true Concurrent Engineering for the first time in shipbuilding CAD/CAM; all  engineering disciplines can work within a single integrated environment with associativity that extends to the production drawing  level. These differentiators are combined in an industry specific product that incorporates shipbuilding standards, concepts  and terminology.
SSI develops Autodesk based solutions for the shipbuilding and offshore industry. SSI’s flagship software is ShipConstructor®, an AutoCAD based CAD/CAM suite. These solutions take advantage of the native DWG platform and the global pools of experience  provided by the world’s most popular CAD platform. SSI combines this with industry specific standards, terminology and best  practices. IT expertise is also applied to ensure the ability to share engineering data with other business processes and applications such as MRP, ERP or PLM tools. Shipbuilders, naval architects and marine engineers trust SSI solutions on a broad range of projects. 
SSI solutions are flexible enough to handle the largest and most complex engineering challenges but can also be scaled down to be cost effective in any budget. The majority of US Naval warships are now built with the SSI solutions and prestigious names in global marine construction are increasingly choosing SSI to meet their needs.